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After entering the password for the session date your dancer attended, you will be able to scroll through the album to find your images. Once you click on a proof, a menu will appear beneath. Print packages and individual print options are in these drop down menus. After selecting a size or package, a shopping cart button will appear above the proof, this will continue as additional poses are added. If everything is correct in the cart and you are ready to make payment, there are a couple of options. Credit/debit though a follow up invoice I will send after reviewing the order, you can also money through PayPal direct to, or you can a check.
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    BPAC Cheer

    2019 Cheer Portraits Click Here

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    BPAC Dance - Day 1

    2019 Dance Portraits Click Here

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    BPAC Dance - Day 2

    2019 Dance Portraits Click Here


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